Spiritual Restoration Through Creative Expression

MAY 18TH, 2019 FROM 9:30AM - 2:30PM

Restore 2019 is a one-day retreat for women who need some spiritual restoration. Which, let’s be honest, is all of us. This is a time for you to get away to the countryside (only about an hour outside Philly) and spend a few hours to focus on yourself and connect with the women around you! Join us as we listen to a message about finding ways to spiritually restore through the chaos of what life throws at you and the importance of identity in Christ. We will also be spending time in worship, mindful movement, creative expression, prayer, and more! In other words, it’s a day to relax, take care of yourself, hang out with friends old and new, and get closer to God.

PRICE: $35

This includes a light breakfast, lunch, a journal, art supplies, and more!
Last day for registration is May 1st, 2019