Spiritual Restoration Through Creative Expression

What is restore?

Restore is a movement of Christian women that transcends social status, background, and denomination. It is a movement that is working to rebuild the hearts of women through creative expression and intentional community. Our goal is to provide a space for true spiritual restoration. As women, we know that finding a quiet moment in our crazy daily lives can be near impossible. Restore is here to help find and provide those healthy ways to recharge. 


Meet Kiera & Tika


When two people have the same crazy dream, you know you have to take action! Tika and Kiera (oh hey, that’s us!) both have a passion for community, Jesus, empowering women, and the use of creative outlets for clarity and spiritual restoration.

We know daily life is insane, so we wanted to provide a safe, intentional space for women to take care of themselves spiritually through community with one another and Christ. Whether it’s through our day retreat: Restore, our weekly group: Restore Weekly, or from using our resources from the comfort of your own home, the goal is to allow creative expression, whatever the form, to guide you through prayer and self-reflection. We want you to find the best YOU!